Youth group sleepovers

Looking for a place to stay in the city this summer? An immersion, you say? A mission trip? Wanna give your youth group a taste of world they may not have sampled yet? We think ours is delicious, even if it is an acquired taste!

First Trinity is located on the historic Southside of Chicago in the Bridgeport neighborhood, about a mile from the White Sox stadium. We are the oldest church south of Roosevelt Ave. in the city. celebrating 150 years in the year 2015. An old church, with a median membership age that is pretty darn young, with lots of energy and creativity. We are a congregation of the ELCA, and a Reconciling in Christ Congregation! You are in for a treat.

We love hosting youth groups from other churches. Because it is fun. And because we are all one in Christian love and mission.

We are working on potentially swankier accommodations for visitors, but at the moment, you are welcome to crash on a floor, a couch, a pew, or some other flat surface. To shower, its a couple of blocks walk to the field houses in the neighborhood. Showers in the summer are good. Our toilet works really well.

So, pretty rustic. But a real immersion. And potentially incredibly meaningful. We’ll see!

If we plan accordingly, we can take you on a walking tour of the neighborhood, have you volunteer at our clothing pantry on a Tuesday evening or a Friday morning, (and our sister organization, Benton House’s food pantry, Friday afternoon); lead you in an amazing Bible Study; introduce you to our community members; have you host a community meal; or send you out with South Loop Campus Ministry for the Sunday night sandwich delivery to our sisters and brothers who are homeless.

Of course, best of all, you can worship with us on Sunday morning. Because, you know, it’s awesome. And we’d love to have you.

Our recommended donation is $30 per person per night. This covers sleeping over, coffee, and tea. And an extra donation for programming—bible study, tours, etc., of $200. We appreciate donations, as it helps keep our ministry and mission alive and kicking!

Contact for more info, or for available dates!

And we’ll see you in Chicago this summer!

Peace! First Trinity, Chicago

(BELOW is a helpful list for your youth group as you look forward to coming!)
For visitors and pew-surfers

First Trinity: A Survival Guide

Welcome! We’re glad you are staying with us at First Trinity. Here are some things you may find helpful as you surf our floor, couch or pew.

We mean “all” are welcomed.  

We’re glad you are here. First Trinity is meant to be a sanctuary and a spiritual home for you on your life journey. You are a beloved child of God, and we welcome you as such, regardless of your creed, class, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. If you feel un-welcomed or at risk, tell a leader from your group or our church immediately. We do not tolerate hate or discrimination.

Although we welcome all people, we do have some boundaries. If someone is on property outside of office hours, ask them politely to leave, or locate a leader and inform them. They will know what to do.

There’s only one bathroom?

Pretty much. For now. It’s on the first landing, to the right of the stairwell. Sometimes we open the bathroom in the basement. It has urinals best equipped for males. In an emergency, ask, and it shall be opened for you. If you have a big group, this bathroom might be opened for your whole stay.

So, can I , like, shower…?

Yes! But you need to be strategic about it. Here is where/when you can shower:
  • McGuane Park (29th and Poplar—just west of Halsted) Weeknights 7:30-8:45PM and Saturdays 1:00-4:45PM.
  • Armour Sq. Park (33rd and Sheilds) – Monday and Tuesday at 8:30AM

When you walk to the shower, bring a buddy. For the walk. Not for the shower. Life is safer with buddies, when walking.

Open your heart. Keep your cash.  

We give a lot of free stuff away at First Trinity—clothing, food, etc. But we don’t give out money, as a rule. We ask that you also refrain from handing out cash to anyone. If someone is asking you, feel free to refer him or her to the pastor or to a First Trinity leader.

Can I Smoke or Drink?

Respect the rules of the group you came with. There is absolutely no smoking allowed indoors. There is an ash-bucket at the East entrance to the community center. If you are not yet ready to give up your addiction, you can feed it out there. Remember: throwing butts on the ground is a form of littering. And it’s disgusting. Use the bucket. Thanks.

Drinking is fine if you are over 21. Inside. Not in the parking lot. If you get all stupid and rowdy, or if you damage any property, however, we will ask you to leave—and you’ll be responsible for finding another place to stay for the rest of your time in Chicago.

Is it okay if I am not a Lutheran?
Yeah. We don’t care. Just don’t be a jerk. Nobody likes a jerk.Am I allowed to have fun?

Yes. In fact, we encourage it. Please invite us to have fun with you, and we just might.

Enjoy your stay here at First Trinity.

Tell someone you love them.

Meet someone you don’t know.

And help us become more of a sanctuary and home here on the south side.

God’s Peace!

First Trinity Leadership