Community service

First Lutheran Church of the Trinity is happy to have allow community service for school or court, and has plenty of opportunity for those in need of hours to volunteer.

Community Service Rules and Procedures

  • Those who wish to do court or school ordered community service at First Trinity must first meet with the Pastor to review rules and set up paperwork.
  • Meetings can be set up by phone or in person during office hours, Tuesdays 5 to ­7 p.m., Fridays 10 a.m. to ­noon.
  • Meetings will be set up during these times but may take place at another time.
  • Volunteers must bring all of the required information, including name and contact information for the person to whom they are reporting their hours.
  • Volunteers with special skills, limitations, or particular interest in certain types of projects should bring this up at this meeting.
  • On work days volunteers must arrive at the designated time, and will be given an assignment by a member of the staff or a volunteer leader.
  • Work can include (but is not limited to):
    • Cleaning inside or outside of the buildings: pulling weeds, sweeping, taking out garbage, cleaning restrooms, washing/setting up tables and chairs, etc.
    • Small maintenance projects based on the skills of the volunteer.
    • Small administrative projects based on the skills of the volunteer.
  • Volunteers must be sober and ready to work when they arrive. If for some reason you cannot make a designated appointment, call the church office at 312­-842-­7390.
  • Volunteers are responsible for tracking their own hours. We will set up a letter in the office that they must fill out and have signed by a staff member or volunteer leader at the end of each shift.
  • Volunteers must always be mindful that while they are working at the church they are representative of the church.
Contact information for Community Service Hours:
For fastest response contact
Office Phone ­- 312-­842-­7390