Trinity House

This page is about space in our Retreat Center.  Visit Using Our Space for information on our community center.

In late 2018, the property team at First Trinity was approached with an opportunity to enter into a new partnership with Franciscan Outreach. Franciscan Outreach is a leading provider of homeless services in Chicago. Through six service sites, they provide healthy meals, safe shelter and critical programs and services to empower people to gain the stability they need to transition into permanent housing. Their service sites are staffed in-part by volunteers who participate in the Franciscan Outreach Full-Time Volunteer Program. This program provides young adults from around the world with the opportunity to dedicate a year of their lives, providing valuable direct service to individuals who are marginalized and homeless at Franciscan Outreach. They live in community with 8-10 volunteers, participating in retreats, weekly reflections, meetings, and community.  To learn more about Franciscan Outreach, please visit their page at