Advent 1: Keep Awake

Sunday’s Bulletin


The new church year begins with a wake-up call: Christ is coming soon! In today’s readings both Paul and Jesus challenge us to wake from sleep, for we know neither the day nor hour of the Lord’s coming. Isaiah proclaims the day when God will gather all people on the holy mountain and there will be no more war or suffering. Though we vigilantly watch for the promised day of salvation, we wait for what we already have: Christ comes among us this day as the word and meal that strengthens our faith in the promises of God.

Readings and Psalm

  • Isaiah 2:1-5
    Weapons of war transformed into instruments of peace
  • Psalm 122
    I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord.” (Ps. 122:1)
  • Romans 13:11-14
    Salvation is near; time to wake from sleep
  • Matthew 24:36-44
    The sudden coming of the Son of Man