Gather for Worship

**Modified Worship service will be streamed live every Sunday at 10:30am on Facebook and later shared on the First Trinity web page.**

First Lutheran Church of the Trinity
Sunday October 18, 2020
Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost

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In today’s first reading God uses the Gentile ruler Cyrus to accomplish divine purposes. When the Pharisees try to trap Jesus, he tells them to give the emperor what belongs to him and to God what belongs to God. To gather for worship reminds us that our ultimate allegiance is to God rather than to any earthly authority. Created in the image of God, we offer our entire selves in the service of God and for the sake of the world.

Readings and Psalm

Isaiah 45:1-7 
An earthly ruler as the instrument of God’s will
Psalm 96:1-9 [10-13] 
Ascribe to the Lord honor and power. (Ps. 96:7)
1 Thessalonians 1:1-10 
Thanksgiving for the church at Thessalonica
Matthew 22:15-22 
A teaching on giving to the emperor and to God

Semicontinuous First Reading and Psalm

Exodus 33:12-23 
The glory of God revealed to Moses
Psalm 99 
Proclaim the greatness of the Lord our God. (Ps. 99:5)

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