A simple but important message from Pastor Nic: STAY HOME, SAVE LIVES

Hello all, Pastor Nic here and I really need you all to listen for a second.

I know that it’s hard to be away from your family and friends – hard to be away from school and even work. Hard to not be able to visit your favorite restaurant, go see a play or concert and especially not be able to go to church and worship and pray in the Lord’s house. We can still be together – calls, video chats, social media keeps us connected even when we need to be apart physically.

But the best thing you can do right now is stay at home – you are saving lives just by staying at home as much as you can. I’m asking you to find strength to Stay Home and Save Lives. It is the most important thing you can do to stop the spread of coronavirus.

That’s easier said than done, right? You’re going to need to step out. You’re going to need fresh air, groceries, your medicine—I get that. The city gets that. So, when those moments happen when you absolutely, 100% need to step out, it’s important we all keep our distance. 6 feet guys. That’s the magic number.

Because the truth is, you don’t know who could have this. And you won’t always know if you have it. This is a new virus and scientists are still figuring it out. We need to give them time. We need to give our first responders, our nurses, our doctors time. And each of us is capable of doing that.

Remember that the bible instructs us to obey the laws of the land – and it is especially important that we follow these rules and do our part to flatten the curve so we can get back to worshiping together. We’re all in this together. We can do this.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Nicolette Peñaranda