joyful expectation

First Lutheran Church of the Trinity
Sunday, December 15
3rd Sunday in Advent

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A note of joyful expectation marks today’s worship. Isaiah announces that the desert shall rejoice and blossom, and Jesus points to the unexpected and transforming signs of God’s reign. We wait with patience for the coming of the Lord, even as we rejoice at his presence among us this day: in word and holy supper, in church and in our homes, in silent reflection and in works of justice and love. We pray that God would open our eyes and ears to the wonders of Christ’s advent among us.

Readings and Psalms
Isaiah 35:1-10
The desert blooms as God’s people return from exile
Psalm 146:5-10
The Lord lifts up those who are bowed down. (Ps. 146:8)
James 5:7-10
Patience until the coming of the Lord
Matthew 11:2-11
The forerunner of Christ