Call the Sabbath a Delight

First Lutheran Church of the Trinity
Sunday, August 25th
Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost
Guest Preacher Rev. Kwame Pitts

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Remember the sabbath day. Call the sabbath a delight. This is the Lord’s day, and the Lord will do for us what the Lord does: feed us, forgive us, help and heal us. Rejoice at all the wonderful things God is doing.

Readings and Psalm
Isaiah 58:9b-14
Do not trample the sabbath, but feed the hungry
Psalm 103:1-8
The Lord crowns you with mercy and steadfast love. (Ps. 103:4)
Hebrews 12:18-29
You have come to the city of the living God and to Jesus
Luke 13:10-17
Jesus heals a crippled woman on the sabbath and is condemned


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