Someone is casting out demons

Week of Sunday, September 30
19th Sunday after Pentecost, St Francis Sunday Pet Blessing

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Someone is casting out demons in Jesus’ name who isn’t part of Jesus’ own circle, and the disciples want him stopped. They appeal to Jesus, as Joshua did to Moses about the elders who prophesied without official authorization. Like Moses, Jesus refuses to see this as a threat. Jesus welcomes good being done in his name, even when it is not under his control. The circle we form around Jesus’ word must be able to value good being done in ways we wouldn’t do it, by people we can’t keep tabs on.

At First Trinity we celebrate the Feast Day of St. Francis, as we gather to celebrate all of God’s Creation. St Francis was the patron saint of animals and ecology. At the end of service we will offer a special blessing for them who curl themselves around our hearts, who twine themselves through our days, who companion us in our labor, who call us to come and play. Well behaved pets are welcome for worship.

Readings and Psalm
Numbers 11:4-6, 10-16, 24-29
The Lord’s spirit comes upon seventy elders
Psalm 19:7-14
The commandment of the Lord gives light to the eyes. (Ps. 19:8)
James 5:13-20
Prayer and anointing in the community
Mark 9:38-50
Warnings to those who obstruct faith