Love in Truth and Action

Week of Sunday, April 22
Fourth Sunday of Easter
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The image of the Good Shepherd shows us how the risen Christ brings us to life. It is the relationship between the shepherd and the sheep, one of mutual knowledge and love, that gives the shepherd authority. The shepherd’s willingness to lay down his life for the sheep shows his love. First John illustrates what it means to lay down our lives for one another by the example of sharing our wealth with any sister or brother in need.

Readings and Psalm
Acts 4:5-12
Salvation in the name of Jesus
Psalm 23
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not be in want. (Ps. 23:1)
1 John 3:16-24
Love in truth and action
John 10:11-18
Christ the shepherd
Special Announcement for Godly Play: Sunday’s lesson is an exciting lesson, one that is a bit different for us. We’ll be building on an experiment we tried last year. The lesson is the parable of the leaven, and as part of that, we’ll be making bread during class that we’ll also be using for communion that day. We had a ton of fun doing it last year, and I am sure this year will be the same. We’ll meet downstairs to center, then come up to the kitchen for the story and bread-making. That will be our “work” and snack time. Please try to be ready as close to 9:15 a.m. as possible because we’re packing a lot in. Please also feel free to message Erika with any questions. Thanks!