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c535c180-cd74-4277-a096-860b1dd3c3b8Week of Sunday, January 28

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4th Sunday after the Epiphany, RIC Sunday, Guest Preacher, Pastor Erik Christensen

2012-2013, First Trinity studied and talked and prayed about sexuality. We lead one another in conversations in a series we called One Love: Relationships and Sexuality: A study in Scripture, History, Tradition, and Everyday Life.

As a result of our intentional time together, we (unanimously) voted to become a Reconciling in Christ congregation, and wrote the Affirmation of Welcome printed below!

As we are still reconciling, we continue to learn new ways to extend welcome and invite all people in to our mission, to grow in the Spirit, love as Christ loves us, and to participate in God’s liberating work of justice and peace.

Sunday, January 28, we celebrate with churches around the continent, celebrating that for us, to be Christian is to stand with and advocate for all of our human family, and especially our siblings in the LGBTQAI community. It’s Reconciling in Christ Sunday!

This year, RIC Sunday, we welcome Pastor Erik Christensen to share some reflections with us, and to help us hear again God’s promise for and call to LOVE.

In Deuteronomy God promises to raise up a prophet like Moses, who will speak for God; in Psalm 111 God shows the people the power of God’s works. For the church these are ways of pointing to the unique authority people sensed in Jesus’ actions and words. We encounter that authority in God’s word, around which we gather, the word that trumps any lesser spirit that would claim power over us, freeing us to follow Jesus.

Readings and Psalm
Deuteronomy 18:15-20
The prophet speaks with God’s authority
Psalm 111
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. (Ps. 111:10)
1 Corinthians 8:1-13
Limits to liberty: the case of food offered to idols
Mark 1:21-28
The healing of one with an unclean spirit