All Saints and Dia De Los Muertos

Week of Sunday, November 5

All Saints Sunday and Dia De Los Muertos

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This Sunday we will continue our tradition of celebrating Dia De Los Muertos, beginning at 9 am with face painting, pan de la muertos, and hot chocolate in the community center kitchen.  Then we will march around the neighborhood, and celebrate All Saints Sunday in the sanctuary at 10:30.

If you would like to have the name of a loved one read out loud on All Saints, there will be a basket to collect names on Sunday.  We invite you to place memories of your loved ones on our community offerenda.

All Saints celebrates the baptized people of God, living and dead, who are the body of Christ. As November heralds the dying of the landscape in many northern regions, the readings and liturgy call us to remember all who have died in Christ and whose baptism is complete. At the Lord’s table we gather with the faithful of every time and place, trusting that the promises of God will be fulfilled and that all tears will be wiped away in the new Jerusalem.

Readings and Psalm

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