We are nourished

Week of Sunday, October 8

18th Sunday after Pentecost

Celebration of St. Francis and pet blessing Sunday!

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This Sunday we will hear a story from Dan Pugh, and bless the pets as we celebrate St. Francis.

In this week’s gospel reading, Jesus tells a parable of the vineyard, an image of Israel, the prophets’ mission, and Christ’s death. For Christians, the vineyard also speaks of God’s love poured out in the blood of Christ, given to us for the forgiveness of sin. Grafted onto Christ the vine at baptism, we are nourished with wine and bread, that we may share Christ’s sufferings and know the power of his resurrection.

Readings and Psalm

First Trinity Pet Blessing

Sunday, October 8 – Our annual commemoration of St. Francis of Assisi and celebration of God’s creation! Pets are welcome to join in worship and will be blessed in a special ceremony at the end of the service. Weather permitting we will hold worship outside.  Facebook event here.


Read the whole e-news right here!