Themes for Autumn

First Trinitarians.

Grace and Peace to you in Christ.

I am incredibly grateful to all who have offered feedback and perspective on our worship plans for the next few months! I am also pleased to say that I think we have found an excellent middle ground, listening to a number of ideas and opinions. As we look forward to September, October, November, and December, here’s what you can look forward to in our life together in worship.

September – Stewardship and Sabbath: Connecting to God, Connecting to Each Other calm

On the day God rested, God also announced that people should rest, enjoy the creation, and enjoy one another—see the creation and exclaim “this is Good!” Part of making Sunday a real Sabbath, is actually resting—not doing work outside of studying and learning and worshipping. In addition, it’s really important that we, as a congregation connect with one another! For these reasons, in September we will not do the work God’s Closet on the Sabbath, as good as that work is. Instead we will relax, have coffee, and enjoy one another after worship. And that’s it! Tuesdays and Fridays we continue the mission.  Sundays we will simply connect and be refreshed.
Additionally, in September, we will speak of sustaining and nurturing this congregation. We’ll come to more deeply understand the money matters of First Trinity, and learn how we can participate in raising money toward the mission and goals that we share. I pray that we’ll all be empowered to participate in the most meaningful way possible. Will Tanzman, our treasurer this year, will help facilitate these conversations. Will will also be giving the story share on September 17. If you’ve been thinking about giving online, have a conversation with yourself or with your partner about it. How do you want to give? If you decide to, you can do so through our website or with the the Givelify app now.
Don’t forget – Our community storytelling workshop September 17 is going to be AMAZING!
October & November – Roots and Reformers
On this 500th anniversary year of the Reformation,  we will celebrate Luther and his reforms to the church. We’ll also highlight reformers and reformation movements throughout the centuries, as well as those who have worked for both reform and unity in the last decades. October 8 is St. Francis Sunday and the Blessing of the Animals. Reformation Sunday is October 29, and All Saints Day/Dia de los muertos is Sunday, November 5. Per request, November 12, Rabbi Rosen from the Synagogue Tzedek Chicago will be preaching. Stay after service that day for an important and lively discussion on Palestine and Israel. We’ll have a special service of Thanksgiving on Sunday, November  26. Story shares in worship for October/November include Dan Pugh (10/8), Kyle Cruz (10/29), and Alicia Ibarra (11/5). Remember, Thursday, October 5, 7-9m will be our evening Story Telling Event here at First Trinity! Both the workshop and the event are great times to invite friends to something fun.
December – Advent, Looking Forward: Fear and Hope in Our Faith Tradition

10205766968280541As we begin again a new liturgical year, we will examine themes of hope and fear together. We will light Advent candles, sing advent hymns, and hope together for the life of the world! Look forward to more information about Christmas Eve and Day.

I’m very excited about worship as we look forward to the rest of the year. And I can’t wait to see you here at First Trinity again soon!

Let’s spread God’s love all over a world deeply in need of healing and Love.

Pastor Tom