We are sent on our baptismal mission

Week of Sunday, July 1

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

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The welcome of baptism is for all God’s children. This baptismal gift sets us free from the power of sin and death. In today’s gospel, Christ promises that the disciple who gives a cup of cold water to the little ones serves Christ himself. From worship we are sent on our baptismal mission: to serve the little ones of this world and to be a sign of God’s merciful welcome.

Readings and Psalm

Redevelopment Process

Focusing on our mission

Our redevelopment team has been identified and has begun meeting regularly.  The team is Pastor Tom, Alicia, Claudia, Erika, Rene, and Yami.  Additionally we are joined by Pr. Jennie from Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church in Beverly and Hector from the Metropolitan Chicago Synod.

Each month there will be something new to focus on, or we will continue to work in the areas recommended by the Synod.  These areas are Growth, Shared Leadership, Discipleship, Stewardship, Contextual and Relevant Worship, and an Inclusivity Plan.  With Hector’s help the redevelopment team has identified short term goals in each of these areas.

Over the next month the redevelopment team will focus on the following goals:

  • Recruit and train Godly Play leaders
  • Scheduling a training to help people share their faith stories
  • Scheduling a training for those who want to help lead worship
  • Ask more members to share their stories in church
  • Pastor Tom will begin regular coaching sessions
  • Begin announcing the offering in church to help convey the meaning of our gifts

Additionally we will continue working to be a more inviting church, sharing our stories, and living into our new call to mission.  We are blessed to have a community that is ready to do the work of the spirit and encourage your questions and comments, and appreciate your support as we work together in this process.

PS – We made sure that Pr. Jennie and Hector got a t-shirt 🙂