Sharing God’s Compassion

Week of Sunday, June 18

Second Sunday after Pentecost

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Moses tells the Israelites that they are called to be a priestly kingdom and a holy people. Jesus sends out the disciples as laborers into the harvest. In baptism we too are anointed for ministry, sharing God’s compassion with our needy world. From the Lord’s table, we go forth to proclaim the good news, to heal the sick, and to share our bread with the hungry.

Readings and Psalm

We are a Faith Community


Tickets are ordered for this year’s Sox game.  It is July 16.  Details coming soon.  If you did not order a ticket and are interested in going, please speak to Rene.


You may have noticed that the downstairs restrooms are complete and open for events!  For now we will only be using them when there is a special event with a lot of people.  Thank you to Miguel, Sergio and their teams for making sure they were ready before the wedding!

The Circle of Life
On Sunday we celebrated the marriage of Pastor Tom and Daisy and on Tuesday we learned about the passing of Dolores.  We will celebrate Dolores life today (Friday) with a memorial service at noon.

Called to Grow in the Spirit

Tuesday Bible Study

Every Tuesday we meet to read and discuss the Bible and share prayer together.  All Are Welcome + You Are Invited. Tuesdays 7 pm in the Community Center Kitchen.
Living Lutheran Discussion Group

Living Lutheran is a publication of the ELCA that is distributed free to all members.  Each month we gather on the last Sunday of the month at 9:15 am to discuss the recent issue.  Join us in the community center kitchen for this months meeting, June 25.

Bring a copy of Living Lutheran or use one of ours!  All Are Welcome + You Are Invited!

First Trinity Kids

Godly Play  – For youth ages 3-11, every Sunday (during the school year) at 9:15 am.

Confirmation – For youth ages 12-16, 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.  Speak to Pastor Tom to sign up!

FTKids Announcements:

Sunday will be the last Godly Play for this school year.  We plan to start up again in the fall.  We still need volunteers to help with Godly Play and are looking forward to training more storytellers this summer.  Please speak to Erika if this is something that you are interested in doing.

As the school year ends we lift up a prayer of thanksgiving for Erika who has successfully launched the Godly Play program this year.

Love as Christ Loves Us

Support the Kids!

Saturday is the FTKids Yardsale!  Don’t miss it.  Come by to do some shopping, grab breakfast or lunch, or make a donation.  Flier below.

God’s Closet 

Tuesday 5-7 pm
Friday 10 am – Noon
Sundays after worship until 1 pm

God’s Closet is our free, volunteer run clothing pantry.  All are welcome to take clothes, donate, share or serve a meal.  If you are interested in serving a meal please contact

God’s Closet Announcements:

We again lift up a prayer of Thanksgiving for Roseann and Paul Mostacchio for their gift of extermination services.

Participate in God’s Liberating Work of Justice and Peace

Bridgeport Alliance 
Those interested in working to bring justice and peace to our community are encouraged to join Bridgeport Alliance.  BA was founded in part by members of First Trinity and continues to meet in our kitchen (at least) monthly.  If you are interested contact or visit theirFacebook page.

Books to Prisoners
Midwest Books to Prisoners has been meeting at First Trinity for several years now, under the leadership of Bob, our Director of Music.  They are always looking for help sorting and packing books, reading and responding to letters, donating books (especially dictionaries) and donations for postage.  See Bob or visit theirFacebook page for more information.


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